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About us There is an official science, an official view of the history and events that have happened with humanity since its inception. But there are also different views that absolutely contradict the usual ones... A lot of hypotheses and evidences that represents an alternative view of historical events, phenomena and characters have been collected. The mission of the "Untruth museum" is to tell about those alternative views through the exhibits and also to answer on many other questions:
Are the movements in time possible?
Who are the Annunaki and what connects them with Antarctica and the disappearance of squadron nr. 19 in the Bermuda Triangle?
Who built the ancient pyramids and why?
Where does the Sasquatch live and how to see it?
What does the "Storm" project means and what kind of secret experiments were conducted during the war by Soviet scientists?
What will you see
Riddles that concern humanity
Thematic sections of the museum

The «Untruth museum» - it is more than 100 unique exhibits that situated on three floors of an old underground bank storehouse right in Saint-Petersburg city center. Visitors of the exposition are able to interact with a large number of submitted art-objects.

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On request.
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From 10:00 to 21:00
ticket office until 20:00